Computer and Networking Usage Policy for KGNMTC

Computer and Networking Usage Policy for KGNMTC

What is possible?

Access to e-mail and the Internet will enable students to explore thousands of libraries, databases, museums, and other repositories of information and to exchange personal communication with other Internet users around the world. Students should be aware that some material accessible via the Internet may contain items that are illegal, defamatory, inaccurate, or potentially offensive. While the purposes of GCCS are to use Internet resources for constructive educational goals, students may find ways to access other materials. We believe that the benefits to students from access to the Internet in the form of information resources and opportunities for collaboration exceed the disadvantages.

II. What is expected?

Students are responsible for appropriate behavior on the school's computer network just as they are in a classroom or in other Christian service. Communications on the network are often public in nature and each student should understand that such communication has the potential to reflect not only upon themselves but the College as well. General school rules for behavior and communications apply. It is expected that users will comply with Acceptable Use standards and the specific rules set forth below. The use of the network is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. The user is personally responsible for his/her actions in accessing and utilizing the school’s computer resources. The students are advised never to access, keep, or send anything that they would not want their teachers or other students to see.

III. What are the rules?

Privacy -- Network storage areas may be treated like mail boxes. Network administrators may review communications to maintain system integrity and to insure that students are using the system responsibly.

Storage capacity -- Users are allocated disk space if they are found to circumvent this allocation they will lose their network privilege. All excess data will be wiped from the system at the end of each semester unless professors clear storage for further research purposes through the IT Department.

  • Portable Storage Devices – Under no circumstances are diskettes, discs, or other storage devices to be attached to any computer. If you need documents put in your folder for later use the media holding the information must be given to the IT Supervisor for scanning and storage. All floppy disks are disabled on the computers in the Lab and any attempt to use them will result in your losing privileges AND your diskette.

Illegal copying -- Students should never download or install any commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto network drives or disks.

Inappropriate materials or language -- Profane, abusive or impolite language should not be used in communication nor should materials be accessed which are not in line with the rules of school behavior. A good rule to follow is never view, send, or access materials which you would not want your teachers and fellow students to see. Should students encounter such material by accident, they should report it to the IT staff immediately. Students should be aware that network traffic monitoring takes place at all times and your usage will be tracked and recorded.

  • Political Activism: While it is our duty as citizens to participate in the political structure and operation of our country, KGNMTC  takes no official political position. Therefore, usage of our networks to disseminate political material is strictly prohibited.

Succinct Advice

These are a few guidelines to follow to prevent the loss of network privileges at RGNMTC and are not all encompassing.

  1. Do not use a computer to harm other people or their work.

  2. Do not damage the computer or the network in any way.

  3. Do not interfere with the operation of the network by installing illegal software, shareware, or freeware.

  4. Do not violate copyright laws.

  5. Do not view, send, or display offensive messages or pictures.

  6. Do not share your password with another person.

  7. Do not waste limited resources such as disk space or printing capacity.

  8. Do not trespass in another’s folder, work, or files.

  9. Do notify the IT staff immediately, if by accident, you encounter materials which violate the Christian standards of Appropriate Use.

  10. BE PREPARED to be held accountable for your actions and for the loss of privileges if the Rules of Appropriate Use are violated. This WILL include being dismissed from the class and a failing grade applied to your records.

IV. Good Citizenship in "Cyberspace" 

All Users must respect the privacy and usage privileges of others, both on the KGNMTC campus and at all sites reachable by KGNMTC external network connections. 

Users shall not intentionally seek information on, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other Users, whether on the KGNMTC campus or elsewhere, or develop or retain programs for that purpose, without the authorization of the file owner or IT staff.

Users shall not represent themselves electronically as others, either on the GCCS campus or elsewhere, unless explicitly authorized to do so by those other Users. To be valid, such authorization of one User by another User must not circumvent established, system-specific policies defining eligibility for resource access. 

Users shall not intentionally develop or retain programs that harass other Users, either on the RGNMTC campus or elsewhere. 

Users shall not obstruct or disrupt the use of any computing system or network by another person or entity, either on the KGNMTC campus or elsewhere, whose usage is protected by law, ordinance, regulation, policy, or administrative ruling. 

Users must respect the integrity of computing systems and networks, both on the KGNMTC campus and at all sites reachable by KGNMTC external network connections. 

Users shall not by any means attempt to infiltrate (i.e., gain access without proper authorization) a computing system or network, either on the KGNMTC campus or elsewhere. 

Users shall not attempt to damage, or alter either the hardware or the software components of a computing system or network, either on the KGNMTC campus or elsewhere. 

V. Enforcement and Adjudication 

The principal responsibility for investigation of suspected non-compliance with the provisions of this ruling rests with the IT staff. 

The investigation of alleged or suspected non-compliance with this ruling is to be conducted with due regard for the rights of all Users, such as the rights to privacy and intellectual property.  Be it understood that privacy rights are not extended to those actions that violate the Acceptable Usage policy of KGNMTC.

IT Staff may suspend service to Users without notice when reasonably necessary to the operation or integrity of the system or the networks connected to it.

Cessation of service, whether by network disconnection or disablement of log-in capability, shall be utilized in preference to file inspection when remedying or investigating instances of alleged disruption.